How to Book a Bookable Bus


Bob is available for telephone enquiries (0131 332 2167) BETWEEN 7 PM AND 9 PM ON THE MONDAY AND TUESDAY IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING ANY BOOKABLE BUS.  Please do not phone at other times, unless a late booking or cancellation is unavoidable, in which case the phone times of 7pm to 9pm must always be strictly observed.



Non-members are welcome to come out with the Club on a maximum of two occasions without applying for membership.  To book a place on a bus, please phone the Bus Convener at the times stated above.

For the convenience of members, we operate a priority system whereby those on a bookable bus are guaranteed a seat on the next bus if they so wish. The names of all other interested members are held on a waiting list until the number of spaces remaining on the bus is known.


  • If you are on a bookable bus and wish to go on the next bus you indicate this by placing a tick against your name on a list; in this case you have a guaranteed seat on the next bus and need to do nothing further.
  • If you are on a bookable bus but do not wish to go on the next bus you may request a place on the waiting list for the next again bus; this will not give you a guaranteed seat.
  • Alternatively you may contact the bus convener by phone (see above) to request a place on the waiting list for the bus of your choice; you may apply up to six weeks in advance.
  • If you are on the waiting list for a bookable bus you must phone Bob, between 7 pm and 9 pm on the Monday or Tuesday immediately preceding that bus, to confirm whether or not you have a seat. If you do not do this you will forfeit your place. 
  • Bob will contact those remaining on the waiting list if places become available after the Tuesday (provided they have phoned to confirm their interest). If you fail to get a seat on the bus, you may ask Bob to keep your name on the waiting list for subsequent buses.
  • Non members are welcome to come out with the Club on a maximum of two occasions without applying for membership.  On bookable buses, this is subject to space being available; members have priority over non-members.


CANCELLATIONS should be notified to Bob on Monday or Tuesday evenings wherever possible. A £6 cancellation fee will apply to those cancelling after 9pm on the Tuesday prior to the bus. Any cancellations made after 9pm on Friday will require payment of the bus fare in full, whether or not the place is filled. Cancellation fees should be paid promptly: cheques (payable to “All Year Ramblers Club”) should be sent directly to the Treasurer or handed to Bob on a bus.



Special Buses (summer only) are 23-seater buses catering for those who want a longer day out in mountain country. They will depart from Queen Street at 7.30am. Fare £24. Booking for these is on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no limitation on advance booking – bookings will be taken by Bob as soon as the programme has been issued, but if phoning please observe the times stated above. A £12 cancellation fee applies from the time of booking; the full fare is payable if cancelling after 9.00 pm on the Saturday eight days prior to the bus. If there are insufficient bookings by this date the bus will be cancelled and no cancellation fees will be payable. For this reason early booking is strongly advised.