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All our walks are graded

You need to be sufficiently fit to cope with our activities.   Walks are graded from ‘A’ to ‘D’ :

  • A typical ‘A’ walk might be 10 – 15 miles over rough county with few paths, taking in several hills with significant amounts of ascent. You may not choose an ‘A’ walk for your first outing unless you have the permission of the leader.
  • ‘B’ walks are moderate hill walks or lower level walks in hilly areas, typically a mixture of tracks and moorland.
  • A typical ‘C’ walk might be 8 – 12 miles over relatively flat farmland, mostly on tracks and footpaths. It may occasionally be necessary to climb over dykes and fences where there are no gates or styles.   It may also be necessary to ford small burns, or to walk in snow in the winter.
  • ‘D’ walks are offered from time to time; these are walks of 5-7 miles at a leisurely pace, mostly on level ground along good tracks and paths, including places of interest along the route.

Try before you buy!

Non-members are welcome to come out with the Club on a maximum of two occasions before you apply for membership – that way you will be able to decide whether our style of walking is for you. (Please note that on private buses this is subject to space being available, as members have priority over non-members).


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Details about transport

Transport for all walks leaves from the centre of Edinburgh. Private buses leave from Queen Street (one block west of the National Portrait Gallery) at times ranging from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. on Sunday mornings, usually once a fortnight.  We have a number of regular pick-up and drop-off points on the way out of the city, depending on which direction we are heading.  Unfortunately we cannot provide members with an arrival time back in Edinburgh as this is affected by circumstances on the day.

When using public transport, the club usually meets at the appropriate bus stop or railway station about 15 minutes before the bus or train is due to leave – unless otherwise stated in the programme.  Members may join at other stops en route at their own risk.